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Volunteer With Us

ACES Care HelpLife is a hotline operated by seniors to help seniors. Beneficiaries use the hotline for information and advice, to seek help, to share a concern and usually just to hear a human voice, usually another elder who is likely to be intimately familiar with the challenges of old age.

Our volunteer agents are instrumental to our success and we take immense pride in caring for these volunteers who are also our “caregivers”. This is our differentiation for ACES Care HelpLife, when compared to other Helpline services. 

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Support for Volunteers

To keep our volunteers motivated, with the right mindset and aspirations when answering calls, we provide regular training, roles plays, case studies, updates to tools and deskside support (where necessary), to support our senior volunteer agents’ well-being.

We organize regular get-togethers, continual learning opportunities on relevant topics, wellness/fitness programs, team bonding activities, etc to keep enthusiasm levels up.

A Volunteer Management Framework to cover processes from selection, on-boarding, training, deployment, performance management, off-boarding, for our volunteers is now available and this has helped us ascertain that our volunteers are fully equipped to support our beneficiaries.


Our plan is to train up to 36 volunteers to be able to support conversations on mental health and well-being in ‘safe spaces’.

In addition, we will be training up to 8 “Mental Health Facilitators” to provide support to anyone, who may walk-in to our centre.

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