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ACES Care Ltd 

Where Aging Becomes a Celebration, Not a Sunset
Forget rocking chairs and bingo nights. At ACES Care Ltd, aging is not about declining nor going downhill, it is a vibrant new chapter overflowing with potential.

We are a registered charity in Singapore, dedicated to empowering "younger older adults" – a generation brimming with experience, wisdom and the desire to stay relevant, connected and impactful.
We achieve this vision through our mission of developing problem-solving capability and learning to make progress in the provision of eldercare, to enable aging in place. 

What we have done

Mary is a vibrant 75-year-old, who cherishes her independence but struggles with grocery shopping due to mobility issues. ACES Care does not just offer solutions, we develop them!

Through innovative programs and partnerships, we empowered Mary and countless others like her, to navigate everyday challenges. We connected them with tech-savvy volunteers who help with online grocery orders, organize accessible transportation and even share tech skills for independent shopping.

This is the power of our "problem-solving mission" in action: helping people like Mary age in place with dignity and independence.

Here is how we make it happen:

  • Engaging Activities: We create opportunities for older adults to pursue their passions, learn new skills and contribute their talents. Think art workshops, lessons in technology and community volunteering – all designed to keep minds and spirits active.

  • Meaningful Connections: We bridge the generational gap, fostering friendships and understanding between younger and older adults. Imagine lively book clubs, intergenerational storytelling sessions and collaborative projects that build bridges and break down stereotypes.

  • Empowering Advocacy: We give older adults a voice, encouraging them to share their perspectives and advocate for issues that matter to them. From healthcare access to public transportation, we support them in making their voices heard and shaping a future that works for everyone.


At ACES Care, we build a community where silver shines and does not fade. Where older adults mentor younger generations, share their skills and lead inspiring initiatives.

This is the vision that we
are so passionate about -
unleashing the power and potential at every stage of life.


About ACES HelpLife

When you call us, our ACES HelpLife Agents will listen to your needs and help you to get what you need.

We will then connect you to volunteers who will help you to use the internet to stay connected and access services – so you will not be alone or isolated!

Be Part Of Us


Join us in rewriting the narrative of aging! Your support helps us build a community where experience is celebrated, wisdom is valued and inspiration flows freely. 

Together, let's make Singapore a place where aging is a journey of continued growth, contribution and vibrant life!

Join us to change a life today!

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comments, or feedback?

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Remember, aging is not about slowing down, it is about shifting gears.
With ACES Care Ltd, you can be part of the revolution!

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